Does Your Company Care?

We always see marketing messages about how great a company is or how they are the best at what they do and the list of statements go on and on. Modern consumers have come across these statements so frequently that they ignore them or don't believe the statements to be true. So what is that truly doing for your business? The answer is: not much.

To create true brand loyalty and build a cult following you need to penetrate deeper within your target market to show them that you care about the same things they do and that you run your business in a specific way because of what you care about.

As an example to illustrate this point, I was recently traveling to visit an out of town client and stopped at a rest stop to grab a quick bite to eat. Although I'm not normally a fan of the "faster food" variety, I decided to stop in at A&W since a friend of mine has always talked a big game about A&W because they use Canadian potatoes.

I ordered a little burger and some fries so I could finally try these french fries he's always raving about (Note: they were awesome by the way). While I was enjoying my fries I noticed something about the packaging. My fries were packed in a bag with a unique texture and this intrigued me enough to investigate. I turned the package over and sure enough right there on the back of the package was a note that read:

"Good things come in less packaging. With this compostable bag we are reducing our environmental impact one fry at a time."


Fantastic! So not only does this company support the region (Canada) that it's operating in by purchasing Canadian potatoes for their fries, they are also using compostable bag to reduce the impact their company has on the environment. In short this told me one thing... the company cares - and most importantly they care about their ecological footprint on the world and about supporting the economy where they operate. Rather than telling me how good their fries are, which is a statement they could have proudly and honestly made, they told me about their company values and beliefs. This can be powerful enough to convince even the most frequent McDonald's visitor to switch chains and can help build a cult-like following of supporters that will be more conscientious about where they spend their food-on-the-run dollars. So with a different set of marketing messages that show how the company cares, A&W was able to show me they were great without telling me they were great.

Think about how you can employ these tactics in your next marketing campaign and convert customers like A&W does, one bag at a time.


So what does Creative Designs care about?

At Creative Designs, we care about a lot of things ranging from our children to secretly singing the new Justing Bieber song in our showers but most importantly we care about the community - at all levels from local to global. We care about connections and helping out.

We donate our time and services every year to help organizations such as The Chance 2 Dance Foundation in Ottawa which is a non-profit organization that helps kids realize their dream to dance from as young as three years of age.

We care about small business owners staying competitive and helping them achieve success by employing the latest technologies and systems to solve problems they are facing in their business to help enhance their revenues, streamline their operations and reduce their headaches while ensuring that they take full advantage of the marketing tools at their disposal to reach and exceed new targets.

Oh, and we care about the environment too :)

We use environmentally-friendly inks in our printing products, paper-less billing practices, green technologies for our server platforms, and encourage a work-from-home setting for our developers and designers to reduce traffic congestion and harmful emissions.

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