Create Calls to Action Like a Boss and Watch Sales Soar

The words on your website are extremely powerful and when you mix these words with a great design some real sales magic happens. While many companies focus on the design of their websites (which is important), unfortunately the web copy on their site takes a back seat. This is a shame because without content and text the web would be nothing. Essentially it is the text and messages that people are searching for and this is the voice of your company 24 hours a day. Your website is essentially your voicemail constantly running or your elevator pitch on replay all day, every day.

So do you see how important your website text is yet? Of course you do and this is why your site should have extremely powerful calls to action to help convert those precious website visitors of yours into customers.

At Creative Designs, we start with the content and then design around it. This is the process to create a successful marketing tool (a.k.a. your website) that will become one of your best sales tools ever. When done right, your website can have a massive impact on your bottom line and a lot of this has to do with the punchy, buy now attitude that you apply to your website text, links, buttons etc. to help convert your users and convince your prospects that they need to make a purchasing decision right now and that you are the company they need to deal with for their purchase.

When we take on a premium website design project, we work closely with our content writers and our clients to ensure that the content on your website will be top notch and the calls to action on your website will drive sales.

Write The Perfect Call To Action

Sometimes the slightest changes can yield impressive results and boost your converstion rates to new heights. You don't necessarily have to scrap everything you've got and start over with your website content; rather you can A/B test some subtle changes and monitor your leads and sales to see if more tweaks are needed.

So what does it take to write the perfect call to action? This depends on a few factors such as your audience, product or service as well as the surrounding content and elements and the particular page that a user is on within your website. Our experience shows that the best calls to action are direct and straight to the point with no fluff. We usually take the approach of imagining that we're giving someone directions during an emergency where there isn't time to speak in paragraphs. For example, during a fire you wouldn't say "Hey Jim, it is getting kind of warm in here so it is a good idea of you look for the closest exit that is near  you so that you can get out safely and not get burned"; instead you would say "Hey Jim Get Your Butt Out, The Door's On The Left". Taking this approach with your calls to action works well and with testing you can perfect your actionable elements to get your customers to take action.

Ultimately there is no magic bullet or perfect formula for writing the perfect call to action aside from TESTING, TESTING, and TESTING AGAIN.


Good luck and happy writing!

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