Does your website content have a twin?

Every business owner who has a website listing in Google has wondered at one time or another if a slight dip or sudden drop in traffic is linked to the content on their website. This is a logical assumption considering the importance that Google (and other search engines) assign to the content on your website.

Why is content so important on your website?

Content is soo important for your search engine position because search engines like Google don't actually index websites; rather they index content, sentences, and phrases. You guessed it: the more of these on your website the more the search engines have to index which increases your chances of having customers find your website in search engines. This is why they say "content is king" and that you should add fresh content to your website frequently and often in order to please the info-hungry search engines and also to keep your users coming back.

Okay, so what does this have to do with twins?

Well, you may have heard about "duplicate content" and the negative impacts you can have on your website's position in search engines. Duplicate content is essentially a flag that search engines apply to content that they find on multiple websites. The ultimate goal of search engines is to reward the original author of the content for posting relevant and fresh content.

This does not necessarily mean that search engines will penalize you for posting duplicate content or content that you found somewhere else but it does mean that you will not be rewarded for the content (in most cases) and the potential for being penalized by the search engines crawling your website is present.

The best thing to do for your website in order to maintain and improve your ranking is to add new content that is high quality, relevant, and most importantly - your own!

If you are not sure what to write about and you "borrow" some other content you found on the web then it is best to at least rewrite it in your own words and then post on your website to avoid any potential duplicate content flags and also maximize your rewards in search engines for posting new, authoritative content.

Also if you really are stuck and aren't sure what to put on your website, give us a call or send us an email and our website content writers can help craft some unique and creative content for your website.

We specialize in website design Ottawa and creating fun, engaging content that is sure to have your customers converting and coming back for more.

Until next time, happy writing :)

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