Engage customers on social media with these hard core tips

We learn new things about marketing and social media engagement all the time and customer conversations are happening daily on a wide variety of platforms. Mistakes will be made but lessons will always be learned with your social media marketing and here a few things that you might find useful when you are marketing your business on social media.


Create marketing that people would pay for.

The problem with marketing today is that everybody wants to do the same thing, to get results you have to change the way you think. For example, instead of just offering something like a coupon, offer to help the client out in some way or the other. Think like a customer, wouldn’t you appreciate a company that goes out of their way to help you benefit? Of course you would, so take that approach, they will eventually reward you with advocacy, loyalty, attention. Something that happens over a period of time. Create helpful content and develop a deeper relationship with your customers.


Publish real conversations as content.

There seems to be an increase in people’s awareness of podcasts, which in turn is driving an interest in ‘podcasting’.  Based on research this renewed interest is because of mobile technology. It has gotten easier than ever to subscribe and listen to episodes, this is partly because the low barriers to entry makes podcasting an interesting new way for marketers serving a niche clientele. Create content that runs deep to and adds value. Primarily, you have the skillset needed to create meaningful content once you know how to have good conversations, answer questions, teach something or help someone.


Embark on an intentionally designed customer experience.

Find ways to understand the customer better, especially if they’re sharing experiences about the products they have or that they’re using. You have to figure out how you can create an aspirational experience, an experiences that they will be eager to share with others. Simply offering a great product/service or offering helpful marketing content just isn’t enough anymore. Record the customers’ journey, from first touch to purchase and beyond. How does it look? When they talk about that experience, will the comments be positive towards you brand? If not, then you need to make some adjustments. Remember to view the business experience through the eyes of the customers.


Be beyond helpful.

You want to draw strong emotions from your customers, so do things that will be surprising and delightful to them. Give them a gift or something, always ask yourself how you can make them happy.

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