Are you sitting on a content gold mine?

There are a few common things that allow success with content creation. Here are some of the steps you can take:


Use Everything

When it comes to content creation most companies want to know where the content is going to come from, not realizing that they’re actually sitting on it. Don’t let anything go to waste, inventory all of your company’s content assets and use them to the max. Great content can come in the form of:

  • employee newsletters
  • marketing materials
  • visits from guests & customers
  • speeches
  • customer presentations
  • customer service bulletins
  • investor communications
  • PR efforts


Start with passionate volunteers

Creating content for the first time can be surprising for businesses. Wherever you have the greatest chance of success is where you should start. Find people who are passionate and have love for it, this is more important than just finding a good writer.


Hire short-term help

If you already have employees doing a particular job, it would be tough and unfair to give them more work to do as a content manager. So for starters you should think about pulling an outside editor onboard part time to help get things of the ground. Their job would be to:

  • See to it that blog comments and questions are being addressed.
  • Edit volunteer content and ensuring it’s appropriate and relevant.
  • Assist with content planning and keeping it on going.
  • Ensure that content goes through the proper internal reviews.
  • Coach company bloggers to help them improve.

Once things start to pick up, you will get to a point where you can start thinking about hiring a full time manager to handle everything. Get someone who is experienced to offer a greater chance for success.


Build-in quick wins

You need to have both internal and external marketing. When bloggers do a great job highlight there success and reward them for it. You can get others interest and build momentum by showing off your content team.


Bring in some experts

Aside from employee generated content some companies also get industry experts from the outside. Some do it just for the experience but it’s a paid job in most cases. There are a few strategic benefits to this:

  • A baseline of high quality “evergreen” content is established.
  • Both your blog and to your business can gain the fans of the author.
  • All your content marketing effort immediately become credible.
  • Your business and brand get third part validation.
  • Can get subscriptions and engagement going.

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