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Large marketing projects are a lot of work! It takes a very capable and devoted team of people to pull it off successfully. Team members have different roles, purposes and skill sets and the more organized the team, the more likely the project would be a success.

Here are some roles that a marketing team would probably need for a project:

There’s the Project Leader, often called the director of content, senior project manager or the account executive. This is the person who actually owns the project. This person carries out functions such as establishing objectives, setting up budgets and analytical information, and determining timelines and deadlines.


We now have the Project Manager, commonly known as the senior editor. This person is in charge of reporting to the project leader and keeping the project on track. He/she basically oversees the project on a daily basis. Other roles of the project manager include hiring and training writers and editors, creating an editorial calendar, terminating and rehiring.


Below the Project Manager, we have the Editor. There may be more than one level of editors, such as juniors and seniors. Their main responsibilities include establishing a relationship with writers, ensuring quality writing output, ensuring fully edited quality writings are presented in a timely manner.


After the Editor comes the Writer, the foundation of the creativity. The works of writers are the source of the project’s content; the editor cannot work on writings that were appalling to begin with. Writers are expected to produce work that is timely and high superiority. They are expected to be acquainted with the project’s style and be able to conduct research in a speedy manner, among other things.


Finally, the Proofreader is the individual who concentrates on the tiny details of the content, such as the punctuation, grammar and format. They are expected to be very detail-oriented and proficient in grammatical style.


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