Content Marketing: Quality vs. Quantity

There’s always a need for balance between quantity and quality as a content marketer. Both are needed for successful content marketing so there must be that balance. However, there are factors such as budget constraints, time and other things that can prevent this. When this happens which one do you choose over the other?



Quality is something you definitely don’t want to lower especially if you’re trying to establish your brand as a leader in the industry. So you need to be on point with things like your grammar and spelling. It takes time to produce content that is high quality. There’s research to do, interviews in some cases and constant editing. This is where quantity can be affected.



You have to be constantly producing content if you want it to always be clicked on, show up in searches and just do well online overall. The more content you create and put out the better it is for you in terms of customer engagement. Frequency of content can fuel your inbound marketing strategy and improve your search engine rankings.


Who wins?

So if you have to make a choice who would win? The answer is definitely quality. If the goals you have for your business is to stand out amongst competitors, enhance the reputation of your brand and provide your customer with value then quality definitely takes the trophy. Customers will go looking for your content once its good quality and that’s exactly what you want. Choosing to produce quality content will more than likely lessen your ability to generate a lot because you will be dedicating more time towards those individual pieces of work. Sacrificing quantity isn’t so bad as long as you’re creating quality work on a consistent basis. This will lead people to favor your work over others and build trust in your brand.

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