Drive website traffic with these easy tips

The Google WebmasterTools provides some of the best strategies for driving traffic to you site. Here are some other tools and how they can improve you internet visibility.


Get re-included.

If for some reason your website is no longer showing up in the search results, using the Google Webmaster tool you can request re inclusion once you have read through google quality guidelines found ways to correct any issues.


Diagnose potential problems.

Make use of the AdSense site diagnostic tool, if it says that you’re blocking pages from Media Partners-Google, use the robot.txt analysis too from Google Webmaster to test file changes and ensure access is allowed through the change. If you are blocking pages from other Google bots you can see what they are and this allows you to do some experimentation with the changes and see how the crawl of your website is affected.


Submit all of your pages to the Google index - for free.

Your URLs can be submitted using Google Webmaster tools, this way you assist Google web crawler with crawling the site more efficiently. Using webmaster tools you can make a submission of all your pages to the google index, especially useful for ensuring that you know about URLS generated dynamically or pages that are inadequately linked to your website. Bear in mind that a submission to the index doesn’t guarantee page rank influence or inclusion not does it replace making great content.


Find out how Google sees your site.

As long as your site is accessible you can use this tool to see words commonly used to link your pages and that Google sees as well. You can now see if your websites content is trending and determine why some key words rank high. The page with the highest monthly rank is also shown.


Find out which queries drive traffic to your site.

Find out which google queries encouraged click through to your website and your search results position for that query. View data for other countries and individual properties as well but it will be seen only if your site has data for those countries or properties.

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