Landing pages can help boost conversion rates

Essentially, a landing page is where visitors first arrive or “land” when they do a search. As far as marketing and advertising is concerned, landing pages are designed to focus on one particular objective and is often a page that stands isolated from the rest of the website. Landing pages shouldn’t have any direct navigation ties with your site, this allows you to guide users to your intended conversions and limit their options to just that.


Types of Landing Pages

Click Through Landing Pages

These landing pages basically have the goal of getting visitors to do as the name implies and click through to other pages. Ecommerce is an area where these sort of pages are typically used, describing products and offering sufficient information to encourage visitors to make a buying decision. Registration pages and shopping carts are the ones that get the bulk of inbound advertising traffic most times. The result of which is poor conversions because the ad doesn’t give enough information for an informed decision to be made. So click through pages offer you the product details and then you can click to see more.


Lead Generation Landing Pages

If you want to capture user data like names and email addresses lead gen pages would be your best option. This page has one purpose and that’s to collect information that you can market to potential customers at a different time. Lead gen ages usually have a form with a description of the benefits of you providing your personal data.


There are quite a number of uses for lead gen landing pages, some of these uses include:

  • Notification of a future product launch
  • Free trial
  • Discount coupon/voucher
  • Webinar registration
  • EBook or whitepaper
  • Consultation for professional services
  • Contest entry
  • A physical gift (via direct mail)

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