Tips for Targeting Mobile Only Customers

Mobile shoppers are growing quickly and this isn’t something that businesses can afford to ignore. Here ae some tips to help you target those mobile only customers:


Keep Information Easy to Follow

Be sure to write in a way that is clear and easy to follow, this will encourage buyers to come to your site. Keep it simple, there’s no need to use fancy words that just take up space. Begin with key points and work your way down. Ensure the site is SEO friendly, if not more than likely buyers won’t visit the site a second time.


Make Things Mobile-Friendly

The things customers want when they visit a site using their smartphone is to find that it isn’t configured to fit there screen. Try having your sentences structured in a way that accommodates such users. It’s better for them to jus scroll down than have to move left to write or zoom in and out, if not they’re probably not going to want to return.


Don’t Make the Mobile Version a Carbon Copy of the Desktop Site

You may think the both the mobile and desktop versions need to be the exact same thing but that’s not compulsory. The main thing is to keep the essence of your site, so it can have its own distinct touch to it. Treat them both as separate entities.


Understand the Capabilities of Mobile Sites

There are a number of things that mobile sites are unable to do that you can do on the regular Desktop site. Recognize their strengths and ability to get the job done. Stick to short simple menus that users get results from.


Cookies are Finally Good and Useful

Cookies have never been viewed in a good light when it comes to websites but if you look at them from a different perspective you might find them useful. They’re great for personalizing profile users, making shopping a lot easier and simple to get done. What you can do is get an app that your site works well with and cookies that will encourage people to log in and stay.


Make the App the First Choice

Mobile use and apps go hand in hand, one doesn’t go without the other easily so take advantage of this.


Speed is One of Your Top Priorities

The rate at which you mobile site loads is a key factor, this can make or break you. Find out how you can speed up your mobile sites loading time and make use of that knowledge.

If you want to be successful in targeting mobile only shoppers you need to use strategy, follow these steps and you will be well on your way.

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