Understand SEO keywords with this clearcut explanation

Do you know what a keyword is? Do you know how they work? Your keywords are the most important aspects of SEO.  When writing content for the internet, keywords and phrases are of great importance. The main purpose of keywords is to help make your business more visible to your current and potential audience. Your products and services are typically your keywords. You can find them in the off-page Meta data, titles, pages descriptions and website content. Putting yourself in the shoes of your customers and thinking like they would is a good way to figure out keywords. What would your customers type in their search for you?


Short-tail keywords

These are the more popular keywords, they’re also known as broad keywords and are generally one or two words. Your reach on the web will broaden because these types of keywords get a lot of searches. The thing about these key words is that getting on the first page of search engines like google would be very difficult because of the numerous sites all trying to rank high, you can also find yourself with and with such a wide reach this can also bring you irrelevant search results.


Long-tail keywords

You get a little more information added into the search with long-tail keywords. These keywords bring more accurate results and are three to five word phrases that offer a little more details on products and services. Unfortunately their reach isn’t as far as with short-tail keywords.


Which should you use in my website?

Using both short and long tail keywords at the same time is a good practice as a general rule of thumb. This gives you the ability to advertise on a broader scale and deliver information to your customers directly. Your site will slowly begin to climb the ranks if you can manage to maintain the right mix keywords.

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