Improved Marketing With Fascination Advantage.

What’s the whole point of all this content marketing for your business? What are we trying to achieve by constantly educating ourselves about the best methods of content marketing. We’re trying to make the content we market as interesting and engaging as possible, while making a prospective sale at the same time.


There is something called the “Fascination Advantage®”. It comes from the Latin word facsinare which simply means “to hold captive so people are powerless to resist”. We think this is something that most, if not all, companies want to be able to do.


Here, we quote & Fascination Advantages shown to us by World-class branding expert and best-selling author, Sally Hogshead:

Innovation: Creative brainstormers

Passion: Relationships builders with strong people skills

Power: A leader who makes decisions


Prestige: Over achievers with higher standards


Trust: Stable and reliable


Mystique: Solo intellect behind the scenes


Alert: Precise detail manager”



Once you’re aware of your fascination advantage, you’ll be able to do things like create your anthem, get hired and promoted more easily, be more confident and convincing and hold the (9-second long) human attention span more effectively. There is much more you’ll be able to do also. What a great tool to make it more efficient for you to reach your target audience. We can help you with that too, because we’re focused on offering services in website design, marketing, SEO, social media, branding and more! By calling Creative Designs, you can help us to help you make your job easier and more successful!  




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