Building A Mobile App

Your very own mobile app can be a great benefit to your business. You don’t have to be a programming expert to create an effective mobile app. There are lots and lots of app development tools that make it pretty easy to do.


We’ll briefly go over five of them now.


  • AppMakr: If you need to create your own iPhone app, you can use this browser-based platform. Use social networking feeds and the content you already have to create your own iPhone app in no time.
  • GENWI: This publishing platform lets you manage your presence on your mobile device of choice, allowing you to share “rich graphics, photos, video, audio and other forms of interactivity” to your iPad, iPhone, Android or HTML5 apps.
  • MobiCart: With this mobile app platform, you are able to connect with PayPal, so that your clients can do business with you online, using an email address to send or receive payments.
  • RunRev: This platform allows you to build live prototypes, which can function just as effectively as iOS and Android devices and can arrange the platforms that your clients need.
  • ShoutEm: Bloggers, publishers, news portals, students and sport fans will love this platform. There is no need to have coding knowledge to set up your app – don’t worry, ShoutEm will take care of all of that – even the submission process for the  iTunes and Android Marketplace.



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