Making the MOST out of SlideShare.

What’s SlideShare?


It’s a business-friendly social site that effectively prolongs the use of your PowerPoint slide decks and other material. Maybe you’re already using it, but do you know about all of its features and functions that can increase your likelihood for marketing success.


LinkedIn purchased the social platform in 2012 and improved its capabilities. It can now “incorporate additional design options, functionality, and media formats – such as audio, HD video, and more.” With these exciting new features, once you have the knowledge on how to effectively use them, you can have endless possibilities for your brand marketing.


Get more from SlideShare, just let us show you how:


  1. 1.      Decide how you want to use it: Ensure that all your presentations are aligned with your overall content marketing strategy. If you don’t take the time to do this, your presentations will not support your marketing goals, nor will they contribute to the achieving of your business results.


  1. 2.      Do the basics: Forget about all the complex issues for now. Let’s focus on the basic things that will help your SlideShare posts give audience the information that you want to give them, in the most relevant, understandable and purposeful way you can. Make sure the SlideShare posts “fit the format” and “grab attention right off the bat”.


  1. 3.      Go to the next level: After you’ve done the basics, you can dive deeper into methods that can help to make your SlideShare posts even more relevant and engaging, increasing your content’s value on the market. Try inserting a YouTube video, or maybe add an audio narration or even incorporate third-party apps.



If you’re using SlideShare, you should follow these tips. They can really make a difference for your business. We can help make a difference too! You may or may not be an expert in the field of online marketing, but we certainly are. We can help with whatever your needs may be. All you have to do is give us at Creative Designs a call and we can help you with that and much more. Call today!

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