The Reasons Your Content Probably Isn’t That Great…

Content marketing is really popular for digital marketers of all diversities. People everywhere are trying to do it, but the questions is, can they do it right?


Many times, content marketing is misunderstood. Businesses need to keep in mind, that content marketing is somewhat a reflection or amplification of their organization. People perceive a lot about a business based on that. They can think that a relatively small business is actually a great, successful giant in its field, based on just the superior content that is presented to the audience. On the other hand, a large successful business can actually damage the confidence that your digital audience has in you.


Your content strategy will become rather bland and ineffective if you don't build a strategy that can support it and guide it in the right direction. That's why you need to do the following:


• "Identify Your Key Pillars": You need to know your audience inside-out. What are their demographics? What exactly will you offer them in your content? What kind of interaction do you want to get from them from that content? If you aren't asking yourself these questions and tailoring your content to fit, then you're doing it wrong. Your content will be uninteresting to the people it reaches.


• "Define Account-Based Visitor Segments": You have got to know who it is you're addressing in your content. For instance, in real life situations, you can't talk rainbows, pretty princesses and ponies to a 48-year-old man in a biker gang – you've got to talk rainbows, pretty princesses and ponies to a 7-year-old girl. It will be virtually impossible to effectively get your point across to a visitor who doesn't match up with your content.


• "Develop Segment-Focused Content": Make your content stand out. Don't let it look like all the rest of stuff they've seen time and time before. Use an account-based approach to help you ensure that you have distinct content to present to your audience. Focus on segments of the content and tailor your message to fit and in turn, you will of course become more aimed at acknowledging the audience's needs, instead of your own.


• "Measure Impact Across The Funnel": So after you've "identified the segments you want to follow and the types of content you want them to consume," it's time to take the step to find the cross of the two and use it for your metrics. In other words, you need to track the activity on your website, such as "Page views; Time on page; Entries; Exits; Bounces; Scroll depth; Conversion influence".


Follow these tips and you'll see how much your content moves from bland to grand! If you need more help in this field of marketing, you can give us a call! Our website marketing company understands how to master the skills that relate to SEO, email marketing, social platforms, content, coding and more. Check us out today for all of your social media needs and more! We're always willing to help!

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