Effectively Use Your Survey Emails

Where have the creativity and the sense of engagement in our survey emails gone? They seem to be all bland and boring. They don’t look encouraging at all – when you see them, they make you just want to scroll past them.


Although email is one of the most widespread ways for conducting surveys, they sometimes don’t tend to be very inviting nor are they well put together. To get the results you want from surveys, you need to make people actually want to do them. Here’s how you can:


  • Draw people to the survey with compelling subject lines. Don’t be regular, like “Take our survey” or “Let us know what you think”. Try something more like “Take our short survey and get 20% off” or “We’d love your feedback! It’ll only take 3 minutes”. The last two subject lines are more likely to get folks opening the emails and doing the survey.


  • Don’t drag it on. People want you to get to the point so that they can get back to their business. Don’t take long to get your points across, because if you do, your viewers will lose interest and move along.


  • Tell them what they should expect. Your audience should at least know how long the survey would probably take or how many questions it has. If they begin unknowingly answering a survey with 150 questions, when they only have 10 minutes to spare, after a while they will probably just forget about it.


  • Give them an incentive. Let them know what they can gain from doing the survey. That will most likely increase the likelihood that people will participate in it. For e.g. “You can save 10% off your next purchase by completing this survey.


  • Boost your review emails. The more relevant you make it and the more high-quality reviews you have on your website, the more likely you are to attract people. You can do this by personalizing the appearance of your email’s content – add text and images that relate to the product they purchased.


  • Include the survey directly in your email. That way, people do not have to go looking for your survey – it’ll be right there in their faces. It’s already so difficult to get them to respond to it, why hide it in a link?


  •  Make it mobile-friendly: You want your users to be able to complete their surveys at any time or any place…or with any device, so try to make it as easy as possible for it to be completed via mobile device.


You need to focus on how all these aspects pertaining to your email surveys. Don’t neglect them, because they can impact your business more than you know it. Call us, so we can work on this together and help you make a positive impact on your business’s success! You may or may not be an expert in the field of online marketing, but we certainly are. We can help with whatever your needs may be. All you have to do is give us at Creative Designs a call and we can help you with that and much more. Call today!




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