Improving Your Conversion Rate

Most marketers already know what a conversion rate is, but for the people who don’t, a conversion rate is simply a measure of the potential customers that actually make a purchase from the company. The trick is not to focus on the number of visitors the site has, but on how many of those visitors are actually making purchases. Ultimately, sales are what are important.


You can improve your website’s conversion rate by following some techniques, which we’ve highlighted for you:


  • Don’t make it difficult for the visitor: The more difficult it is to use your website, the less likely your visitor will make a purchase from it.


  • Make sure your users can access you: Lack of user accessibility (such as in various countries) is definitely a sales-dropper.


  • Web browsers: You have to know which browsers most of your potential customers are using and design your website to function on them.


  • Be bold in call-to-action: Don’t just stick to the regular kind of cal to action. Go a step further and try a call that is much more intriguing and attractive.


  • Make sure your site is usable: Your visitors shouldn’t have trouble using your site and finding out what they need to find out about your product or service.


  • Be straightforward and honest: Your visitor does not want to go through the whole process of settling on a particular product/service and initiate the purchasing process, only to find out something like there’s no more in store or the price has suddenly changed.


  •  Get to the point: Don’t go asking unnecessary questions and making the purchase process a whole lot longer than it should be.


  • Build trust: Of course your user will be skeptical about giving you their personal information, that’s why you should put your effort into letting them know that you are a legitimate site and company.


  • Returns Policy: Your users want to know that they are able to return the product if they are having a problem with it. Be clear and be fair on your policy for returns.


  • Provide information: your users need to be constantly informed about the details surrounding their purchase, most importantly, but it’s a good idea to keep them informed before and after the process too.


  • Payment options: Offer your users reasonable payment alternatives so that all types of people will to purchase products or pay for services.


  • Upsell and cross-sell: Sell and sell again. If you realize that you have a potential customer who has shown interest in a product, offer them another product that they may possibly like as well.


  • Stand out: Make sure that the users have a hard time forgetting you. If you make contact with them when they are searching for something and you leave them with a good impression – they will likely return to buy the product.


  • Understand your uniqueness: Know what sets you apart from the rest. Many companies don’t focus on that but their visitors do. Your website should show your visitors why you are different and why what you offer to them is better than what the competitor does.



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