Understanding Your Target Audience

Creating content is only a small part of the marketing strategy. Think about it – if you’re creating content but you’re not getting it out to the right people, then what’s the point? You need to make sure that people are seeing what you’re creating and the right people, to be specific.

Knowledge of the audience you’re creating content for will help you to improve the effectiveness of your content.  You’ll know the kind of title you want to give the content, the type of content you want to produce and how or where you’ll distribute that content, among other things. Check out 6 ways you can profile and understand your audience:


  • Figure out who they are: You need to know the fundamentals about your audience. Their demographics are very important. By putting together details about a person, you can begin to form a picture of them and that can give you an idea about their motivations and buying patterns.


  • Figure out what their most important issue, need or problem is: If you know what is bothering your audience, you can tweak your content so that it caters to your audience’s needs. Remember, people are always looking to your company for a solution to their most pressing problems.


  • Figure out where they get their information from: If you know this, you’ll know where exactly you need to send out your content. When you know where people are looking for information, this ups your chances of getting your information embraced.


  • Figure out what about your product can cater to their needs: Like we said, your audience is constantly looking for a solution to your problems. People don’t need to know about all the aspects of your products or services; they simply want to know which of its features can solve their problems.


  • Figure out what turns them off: People get tired of all the silly, tricky advertisements, unreliable products and services and the constant lies that companies are trying to sell them from every direction. You need to know what your audience is tired of and what turns them off when it comes to content marketing. Be honest, understand the dynamics of your market and give proof to back up what you say to your clients.


  • Figure out who they trust: If you know who your audience trusts, you can supply your information from those sources. They may trust certain experts, certain celebrities, certain brands and more. You just have to figure out who these sources are and use them to your benefit.


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Looking for more customers? Of course you are if you're serious about growth and taking the time to properly investigate your target audience can help to identify new opportunities within that audience that you may not be marketing to at the moment or marketing to properly.

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