Web Design: Basic Things You Should Consider

All companies are different and so are all web pages. However, some things stand firm in the general design of lots of effective websites. We’re going to show you several guidelines you should follow to help make your website a success. We hope that you’re already doing some of these things or if you’re not, you should start making some changes right now!


  • Don’t make your users have to scroll horizontally. That’s actually REALLY annoying! Visitors should not have to scroll over to the right to see more of the content you have on the page. They prefer to scroll downwards and that’s why you should try “checking out your web pages at resolutions of 640 x 480, 800 x 600, and 1024 x 768 to avoid scrolling the page to your right.”


  • Don’t have over 3 “screenfuls” of content. A huge heap of information is never appealing to visitors. You don’t want to have them scrolling and scrolling and scrolling forevermore, just to get to the bottom of your long trail of content. It is advised that your viewer should not have to page down more than 3 screens.


  •  Don’t bloat your webpage. Nothing’s worse than a slow-loading business website. That’s pretty frustrating and it’s often a motive for visitors to search for another. Know how long it takes to make a good impression on the web? – About 7 seconds. Yes, that’s your time constraint.  That’s why you shouldn’t overload your page with too many large files that will slow it down.


  • Don’t make your visitors have to download plug-ins. That can definitely push people away from your site. Yes, we understand that plug-ins can make your experience on the interactive site a whole lot better, but at the same time, not everyone has the plug-ins necessary nor do they want to have to download them. That’s why it’s a great idea to get a HTML alternative available to cater for them.



So think about it. See what points you can use to better your website’s design. They can really make a difference for your business. We can help make a difference too! You may or may not be an expert in the field of online marketing, but we certainly are. We can help with whatever your needs may be. All you have to do is give us at Creative Designs a call and we can help you with that and much more. Call today!


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