Blogger Skills That Are Great For Publishing

Writers be advised: Bloggers are a great example for you to follow when it comes to making it into the publishing industry. There are some great tips that you can use to help you with your writing career and they all come from bloggers.



  • Bloggers have a platform: You need to show publishers that you have a sizeable platform. They will be more confident in your informal polling among industry peers. In the past, there were traditional media channels like the television, print advertising and radio that brought exposure to your book. Nowadays, all that has changed.


  • Bloggers always test their ideas: Bloggers take notice of the impact (or lack of impact) their content has on their audience. They feel the need to boost/re-evaluate/better the content that hasn’t had so much of a positive effect on their audience and they get really excited when their posts do have a big effect on it.


  • Bloggers are fond of social credibility: Although this type of credibility isn’t formal, it is still very important to bloggers. They get their audience to look at them as a source of authority in relation to a particular topic after a period of time.


  • Bloggers understand the publishing process: Yes, the two fields are very different, but their basic steps remain the same. They are “conception, development, refinement, design, publication, promotion, and sales.” It would be great for bloggers to have this experience every time they start writing.


  • Bloggers constantly aim to improve their writing: Writing regularly helps you to become a better, clearer communicator with your audience in particular. They will come to know your voice better and they will be more in tune to what you have to say. This is a good skill for authors to have.

These tips should definitely give you a better chance at success in the publishing world. These are also great tips for new bloggers. See if they work for you. If you need more help in this field of marketing, you can give us a call! Our website marketing company understands how to master the skills that relate to SEO, email marketing, social platforms, content, coding and more. Check us out today for all of your social media needs and more! We’re always willing to help!





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