Boost In-Store Sales With Digital Content

The point of providing digital content to our target audiences is to encourage sales. We need to keep this in mind at all times and ensure that our content is geared toward that. For the best tips to drive in-store sales with digital content, read below:


  • Make visits to retail locations an incentive: Offer attractive features (like coupons and sales) that will encourage customers to come in to the store to get the benefits.


  • Engage customers beyond what they are usually used to, by the leverage of the media you use.


  • Map the customer journey from online to offline.


  • Rethink circular medium: Use it along with other communication methods.


  • “Plan for online cross-channel content with similar teams and processes that are in place for delivering offline content.”


  • Get rid of silos between channels and between departments.


  • Gear more of your budget towards digital spending and look for the digital marketing tactics which bring back the most income on your investments.


  • Track the local multi-channel campaigns’ effectiveness by implementing a measurement plan.


  • “Leverage loyalty data to personalize/contextualize offers.”


  • What does local really mean? Define it in every possible way – figure out if it is “...restricted only in the geographical sense, or can it be applied to Who, What and When, in addition to Where?”


  • Respect customer privacy. Keep your messages to them relatively limited when they are about personal matters, so that they will not be scared off.


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