Developing A Push Notification Strategy For Your Mobile Apps

Marketing with push notifications is great way to get your customers engaged with your mobile app. App retention is rising, but there is still only a one in five app download rate. Some of those apps don’t even get opened or activated or if they do, they may only get used a few times. With push notifications, you can increase engagement with your app and thereby help to get more conversions too – about 10% more. Here’s how to do that:


  • Determine your app’s goal: Think about why you created your app. Figure out if you want your users to engage with your content, purchase something, etc. Also, figure out how often you want them to use the app.


  • “Integrate your mobile app with your central marketing database”: Customize your content and interactions across all your channels of communication, by capturing your app data in a central marketing database, along with your other marketing data as well.


  • Get users to accept your push notifications: Let them see that they can get benefits when they allow you to send the notifications. Show them the type of push notifications you want to send and show them the benefits they can get by receiving them.


  • Proper timing: Ensure that all your user segments get the messages you send them at one time, no matter the location by including local push timing into your strategy.


  • Pay attention to the frequency: You don’t have to overload users with promotional or advertisement notifications. Ensure that your user can edit the push notification settings for each type of notification, if you have several types for a single app.


  • “Incorporate narrowcast notifications to boost relevance”: Launch messages that you aim at targeted segmented subgroups of app users by using rule definitions.


  • Send 1:1 push notifications by using data triggers: You can increase your customers’ engagement by using individualized push notifications that are influenced by the actions or attributes of the users.


  • Add rich notifications: These messages use graphics, colors and imagers that appear in the in-app inbox and they allow you to communicate with your app users without interrupting their regular activity-flow.


  • Alter content in your push notifications based on score: You can segment and provide more relevant push notifications for your customers by using scoring.


  • “Send time-constrained ‘vanishing’ offers”: You can send single-use promotion codes and time-constrained offers to specific users in the in-app inbox and then when you get to a particular threshold where there are a certain number of these coupons redeemed, then you can retract the offer.


See if these push notification tactics help in your mobile app marketing strategy. If you need more help in this field of marketing, you can give us a call! Our website marketing company understands how to master the skills that relate to SEO, email marketing, social platforms, content, coding and more. Check us out today for all of your social media needs and more! We’re always willing to help!




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