Don’t Do These Things On Twitter

As many of us know, our social media sites have a huge impact on the success of our company. Sometimes we don’t know how much, though. We tend to do things the way we think they will work best, but we don’t realize that we are really making some huge mistakes that can deliver quite a blow to our brands.


This is the reason we want to enlighten you on some of the things that you’re making in terms of your business’s Twitter account. You may be a bit surprised at a few of them, because they may just be what your business is doing right now.


  • You may be using a name that’s hard to remember: The closer your Twitter name is too your real name or your brand name, the better. People will be much more likely to remember it and this will help to encourage engagement with you.


  • You may be posting over 120 characters: Keep it shorter and your tweet will be more likely to be re-posted.


  • You may be tweeting a bit too much or a bit too little: Well this depends on your judgment and on your audience’s expectations. If you tweet too much, your audience will probably get annoyed; if you tweet too little, your audience will probably not even recognize you’re there.


  • You may be asking for more than you give: Be a good source of solutions, support and social interaction for your audience and then you can expect good feedback from them.


  • You may be starting a retweet with someone’s name: Yes, you may be replying to someone, but you want to ensure that other audience members are going to see the entire post too. Don’t ever think that your reply to someone is irrelevant to someone else.


  • You may be posting when you’re angry or frustrated: Don’t ever do that. It may be tempting, but they aren’t a good decision at all and you’ll regret it. Tweeting about or responding to the person who caused you these emotions in an angry manner, may offend the individual and others who happen to see the post.


  • You may NOT be creating a good profile page: Remember that your audience checks your profile page first. It should be consistent with your brand image. At least upload your photo, because this may make your page seem much more humanized. Fill in the “bio” section too.


  • You may be failing to communicate properly: Communication should not be a one-way street. You should ensure that you engage in a dialogue, instead of a monologue. Respond to people – don’t just tweet something and not look back.


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