Figure Out What Your Customer Needs

Before you can successfully sell something to someone, you need to make sure that they need. The question is: How will you know what they need? Now that’s a tough question. It’s one of the things that can make your business rise or fall. We’ve got an interesting thought for you – how about you figure out what your customer needs, before they even tell you?! We think that’s a great idea and you will too.  Here’s how you do it.


You need to find out these things about them…


  • Who they are: Figure out what’s their gender, age, occupation, marital status, family structure, etc.? In the case of selling to other businesses, you need to find out how big or small they are and what type of business they are.


  • What they do: Figure out what they’re interested in, what their occupation is or what they’re trying to achieve.


  • Why they buy: Figure out why they’re buying a product or service and what the benefit is to them.


  • When they buy: Figure out when exactly they are likely to buy so that you’ll have a better chance of selling to them at that time.


  • How they buy: Figure out their methods of purchase. Is it via a website or do they prefer to buy it in person?


  • How much money they have: Figure out what their budget may be and know what they can afford from what they can’t.


  • What makes them feel good about buying: Figure out what it is that makes them happy to buy something. That way, you can tap into that pleasurable factor and use it in your own marketing tactics.


  • What their expectations of you are: Figure out what they expect from you and try everything in your power not to disappoint them.


  • What their thoughts of you are: Figure out how your customers perceive you. Do they like you? If they do, then they are much more likely to buy from you.


  • What are their thoughts about your rivals: Figure out how they view your competitors. You’ll have a better chance of promoting your product if you stay one step ahead of your rivals this way.          



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