Report on the Social Media Marketing Industry (2014)

We know it’s late, but this will probably be a topic that’s always going to be relevant. Social media marketing is on the rise and there are always studies and reports being done on it in an effort to understand how it works and the best ways to utilize it.


This report – the 6th Annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report – done in 2014, by Mike Stelzner at Social Media examiner, was focused on 2,800 marketers who were surveyed. Here are some of the results of the report, based on marketers:

  • 92% considered social media to be essential for business.
  • 68% aimed at blogging more.
  • 64% aimed at increasing LinkedIn use.
  • 61% aimed at increasing Google+ activities.
  • 58% considered content that is originally written as the most important form.
  • 6% were involved in podcasting.
  • 21% aimed at podcasting even more.
  • Most important social networks were Facebook and LinkedIn.


In terms of the benefits that marketers were getting from social media marketing, included accomplishing of goals such as increased traffic and exposure, which measured at 80% and 92% respectively. Marketers were also very concerned about the top social platforms in relation to B2B and B2C and here are the report’s findings on such:


Social Media Platforms (B2B):

  • 33% LinkedIn
  • 31% Facebook
  • 16% Twitter
  • 11% Blogging
  • 3% Google+
  • 3% YouTube


Social Media Platforms (B2C):

  • 68% Facebook
  • 10% Twitter
  • 6% Blogging
  • 6% LinkedIn
  • 2% YouTube
  • 2% Google+
  • 2% Pinterest
  • 1% Social Review Sites


Can you imagine that only 11% of B2B marketers and 6% of B2C marketers find blogging most important. On the other hand 68% of them that they want to increase the amount of blogging they do in 2015. Interesting stats, right?


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