Building Emotional Relationships To Help You With Marketing

The needs and concerns of your customers are the most important aspects of your audience. It’s what’s important to them that should matter to you. Knowing what’s important to them can only, truly be recognized when you build an emotional relationship with them. Your audience loves the feelings of empathy, warmth, human kindness, understanding and more.


There are actually quite a lot of things you can do to build relationships with your audience, using emotional appeal or intelligence. They are…


-          Using empathy and kindness to respond to complaints from customers via social media.


-          Studying the behavior of your customers online, can help you to identify new revenue opportunities.


-          Every time you comment in response to a post on social media, ensuring that your response is an authentic and personal response and remembering to sign off with your name.


-          Looking for methods you can use to find opportunities to assist an online influencer.


-          Listening to and understanding to your customers’ issues that come about very often and creating solutions for those issues.


-          Interpreting the cues that people give to you and looking for opportunities to assist them.


-          Networking and looking for cues at the same time. Look for those cues in which people are willing to help, but don’t ask for favors when people haven’t offered it.



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