Building a Social Media Audience

Social media can do a lot to create widespread awareness and recognition for your brand. It makes it quite easy to broadcast your brand and your website content across the internet. Your audience is more important than you realize, especially the audience you have on social media. Your aims on social media platforms should include building a social media audience. That’s why we’re going to give you 10 tips that can help you to do that.



  • Show yourself to people or else they won’t know you exist. Guide them in the direction of your social media platforms.


  • Ensure that the people who are in PR positions or who are ever speaking on behalf of your brand make significant mention of your business’s social media addresses to their audience.


  • Encourage the employees who have widespread social media followings or ratings, to advertise for you. Let them help you spread the word.


  • Mention others in your content. It will get the attention and the engagement of their followers who are seeing them getting tagged in your post.


  • Embed your social media content in other locations. This is one way to ensure that you make the most out of your social media activity on other platforms.


  • Be more sociable than promotional. Yes, you need to promote yourself, but don’t let it be the only thing you do on your social media platform. Be willing and able to actually help people and not just be focused on yourself – this will attract more audience members.


  • A first impression is a lasting impression. Make sure that your social media platforms are on point in every aspect – profile picture, description, interaction with followers, back links, etc. 


  • Communicate with your audience – try to engage in chats with them, by answering their questions, promoting events, hashtagging, etc.


  • People love prizes and people love people who give away prizes, so do that. Just make sure that the prizes that you offer are associated with your brand traits too. This is probably going to increase the probability of new associations.


  • Don’t forget about paid social media. This can be a huge push in the right direction in terms of getting your social media site out there and closer into the line of sight of audience members and potential customers.




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