Factors For A Good Website Navigation Design

Just as important as your general website design is the design of your website navigation scheme. We probably don’t pay attention to it much, but it is very important for the effectiveness of your site. Remember, you have to make the user experience for visitors as friendly and as efficient as possible, so that they will not get frustrated with your site and abandon it.


You need to ensure that your visitors find what they need to find (especially the “BUY NOW” button) easily and quickly to help keep your business flowing. Here are some things you should keep in mind:


  • Your website’s navigation should be great for task completion. Your website’s visitors shouldn’t have any trouble finding the navigation elements. They should be placed where they can easily been seen and located by users and they should also make sense as well.  


  • Your website’s navigation should be a supportive reinforce for the site’s information build. In other words, don’t ever skip or get lazy on the website’s information architecture. The content on your site must be organized, categorized and labeled distinctly so that your visitors can navigate effectively.


  • You should be able to notice and distinguish your website navigation from the other parts of the web page. Make sure that you place the navigation where it will surely be seen by visitors or else they will abandon your website.


  • Your visitors must be able to scan through your website without any difficulty. Your website should make it easy for visitors to use decide if they will stay on your page; their peripheral vision should tell them that yes, the site is easy to scan through so they should give it a try.


  • Your website navigation should make sense to users. Visitors of your website should be able to relate to it – it should “speak their language” and it should be findable and usable.  This not only applies to navigation, but to content as well.


  • You should never format your website navigation with right justification. Try to stick to the usual justification for your website, because justifying it to the right makes it harder to scan through and it makes your text harder to read.



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