How You Can Use Imagery To Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Using images is a great way to boost your conversion rates online in a general sense, but the question is, how can you tailor them in such a way that can get you the optimum rate of conversion possible. It’s pretty easy. All you have to do is follow these tip that can help you with your use of imagery on your business’s website:


  • Use your images to appeal to their emotions. You should know the way that emotions are intensely integral in the decision-making process that viewers must engage in.


  • Use your images to add a mascot to the mix. Represent your site with a little cartoon. They can actually help you to forge a strong bond with your audience.


  • Give your images a human touch. Human faces can boost your website’s conversion rate quite a bit.


  • Think outside of the box with your images. Use your imagination and use your creativity to impress your audience with your imagery.


  • Use your images to show validation. People always want a third party opinion on a product or service, so you should ensure that you give them that by integrating things like testimonials and such.


  • Use your image to show your audience that it’s about them. Show the type of images that seem to illustrate customer satisfaction and happiness with the product or service you offer.


  • Use good images, not bad stock photos. The quality of your photos matters a lot. Stop using cheesy photos that your customers can’t really relate to – they will know you didn’t put any effort into it or they will think you’re trying to fool them.




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