Look Forward To These Social Media Trends

If you’re already looking forward to 2016 and you’re already looking forward to the new trends and updates that the digital marketing world has to offer, then you have come to the right blog. This article is all about some of the newest social media trends that will be taking charge of the marketing world next year.


Stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about these future trends so that you and your business can enjoy their benefits, starting today. Keep reading...


  • “In-the-moment updates will dominate”:  This is naturally how social media works, but there are still some social media posts that outdo others on this level. The trend advocates that you as a user keep your viewers as updated as you possibly can, because frankly, that’s what your audience is interested in – the things that are happening now.


  • “Buy buttons will take over”: Talk about fast and easy – this is all about that. Anytime a user sees something they like or want to purchase, all they have to do is click the “BUY” button to begin the process. More and more social media sites are catching onto this trend.


  • “In-app functionality will diversify and spread”: Functionality is the factor that can help users stay hooked on a social media site, so more sites are attempting to make their sites fully functional to please all the needs of the users.


  • “New publication options will be available”: Publishing your content is a huge deal for marketing effectively. Social media is making this a bit more easy and versatile, so get acquainted to the options and make use of them in the best way you can.


  • “User privacy concerns will hit an all-time high”: More social media platforms are investing in making their security a bit stronger. There has been a “user demand for a more private, secure method of communication and engagement”.


  • “Competition for organic visibility will increase”: Most social media platforms are competing for organic visibility, because of the establishment of the ROI of social media marketing. This will eventually result in a rise in the cost of advertising as well in 2016.


  • “Fewer small platforms will emerge”: The smaller social media platforms won’t be rising up next year, or if they do, they won’t last for very long. “This past year, the trend has changed—platforms have tended to skyrocket in popularity to stand on their own, get enough attention to be acquired by one of the big three (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), or die a quick death.”



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