Make Your Website Content More Readable

The content that you post on your website must be able to be seen as relevant and useful to your audience…and your content might be just that, except that it may not be exactly ‘readable’.


When we talk about content being readable, we mean that you should ensure that your articles are easily understood by your readers. That’s why every piece of content you produce, should be of the best quality and it should definitely attract and hold the attention of the audience.


Here are some techniques that you can use to help make your content more readable for your readers:


  • Make your headline attractive: This is the first step in the process of making your content readable. Your headline should make your content stand out. Did you know that “From every 10 people who read the content, eight will go through the headline and only two will read the entire piece”? That’s right – you need to try your best to make your headline so attractive, that it makes people actually want to read your entire article.


  • Give your content a conversational tone: Engage the audience as much as you can. Make your content a conversation and then people will be more willing to take a read and to connect with what you write.


  • Focus on the length: This is a really important factor to your content’s readability. You should know that the ideal length of the post is. Should it be a long-form content or a short-length content? You decide, but you should keep in mind that most posts that have a word count of at least 1,500 words are more likely to be shared.


  • Give your content different formats: One of the tricks to keep people interested in reading your content is to show them something besides a compilation of words. Put just enough words, but remember to add different things like pictures, videos, buttons and other things that make your content more attractive.


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