Marketing Strategies That Are Effective

Do you know what the best marketing strategies for your organization is? Many marketers don’t; or many of them think they do, but they are probably quite mistaken. You’ll be enlightened when you learn of the most effective strategies for B2B and B2C organizations. This article is based on a study that was done on a small business in 2012. The strategies are listed below:


  • 83% - Email marketing


  • 71% - Website (content and SEO)


  • 68% - In-person interactions


  • 49% - Social media


  • 41% - Events


  • 33% - Outbound calling


  • 22% - PR


  • 21% - Direct mail


  • 17% - Traditional advertising (TV, radio, print, etc.)


  • 17% - Pay-per-click


The strategies which amounted to 50 % or more, (except for ‘in-personal interactions’), were actually related to Inbound Marketing.


You need to create avenues for your potential customers to gather the information they need to make an informed decision.


You need to ensure that you inform and insight them, and you aren’t only boosting the product/service hype.


There must be a great mixture of traditional tactics and Inbound Marketing in order to be recognized, get leads, nurture them with consistency, close them effectively and “adapt your activities based on performance and real-time metrics.”



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