These Things Will Mess Up Your Website

As a marketer, you need to ensure that the things that you doing are building and improving your business in every possible way. Here are some things that you might just be doing, that is no good for your website. Check them out and then take a look at your actions and see what you need to stop doing.


  • If what you are giving to your audience is all about yourself and your company, you’re doing it wrong. You should not be the focus of your website, your customers, their needs and their wants should be. They must know that you care about them.


  •  Your stock photography photos must not bore the life out of your audience. Get photography that isn’t just random and forced – get illustrations and photography that truly represent the message your brand want to portray.


  • Your website should be based more on the people that your product or service can help, rather than how great your company is. It should also be conveyed in a way that’s easy for just about anyone to understand.


  • Try not to be the business that makes wile promises to everyone – it won’t really help you gain customers.


  • Don’t make your website bland – try to keep it interesting and engaging, always filled with information that your prospects will find useful for taking away and think about.


  • Outdated news is horrible for your website. Recentness and relevance is what your audience is looking for. They want to stay as updated and in touch with the ‘now’ as possible.  



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