This Is Why You Should Map Out Your Social Media Content

People want to receive and give out information as fast as the speed of light and that’s probably one of the main reasons for using social media. There is no sluggish or lazy movement for your customers. They want information and they want it right NOW! So give it to them.


Mapping out your social media can help you to do that quite effectively. Your customers will love it. There are benefits that you can get from planning out your social media content schedule beforehand. We will show you these benefits as you read further.


There is…


  • “Consistent Cadence”: Being consistent on social media is actually quite a great way for you to help your audience to remain focused on you. They will know when they should expect something new from you and they will look forward to that. You will have their attention and you won’t falter on that once you maintain your social media schedule.


  • “Time-sensitive content”: Your audience will become more aware of your events, holidays, contests, product launches or more, once you place them on a calendar.


  • “No more silo”: You can get much more people to get involved with your content when you plan ahead. You don’t have to be stuck with only 3 folks who want to help your cause, when you start the planning process in advance.


  • “System of record”: You can’t get confused later on if you have a calendar to refer to later on. You can easily check back on all the content you posted. A calendar lets you see everything you need to (once you had scheduled it before). Keep that in mind – if you want to be able to check back on something, you should include it in your schedule.


  • “The 411 Rule”: Now this isn’t anything complicated at all. There are 3 numbers and each of them represent a ration of sharing on social media. There should be: “4 educational and entertaining posts for every 1 “soft promotion” and every 1 “hard promotion.””




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