Tips For Creating The Best Email Signature

So…you’re ready to commence your email campaign and you’ve finished creating your email, but somehow, something still seems to be missing. The top of the page looks good, but the bottom of it looks kind of bare. Hmmm…It could be missing an email signature.


What’s an email signature, you might ask? No, we’re not talking about your personal signature that you write with a pen and paper – we’re talking about that block of information at the bottom of your email, which shows the viewer the sender’s information, such as their name, phone number, address and contact information. We’ve got some tips that can help you to construct a professional email signature to use for your campaign. Pay attention!


  • Don’t make it long: Try to keep it relevant, informative and concise. About 3 or 4 lines should be sufficient. The only reason it should be any longer is if you need to include an anti-virus scanning verification or a legal disclaimer.


  • Use plain text: Don’t try to do too much to it by adding graphics and such, but if you must, you should stay far from colors and fancy fonts and make sure that you link the graphics in your HTML code.


  • Add informative information about products or events: You can include this information so that your customers will be well aware of whatever new service, product or event you are promising.


  • Add links to social media: If your business has a social media page or account, you should add links to them in your signature. You can add them in the form of an attractive icon.


  • Don’t get inconsistent: Always remember that your email signature should visually represent your company, so keep it consistent.


  • Don’t forget about your required information: You must include certain information that is required by law in your email signature in some cases. This may include information like registered address, registered number and place of registration.


  • Make a long version and a short version: Having two versions of an email signature is a good idea. You can email the longer one when you are first sending a personal an email and you can use the shorter one when you are replying to that email conversation.



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