Content Marketing Challenges You May Face

As an upcoming content marketer, you’re probably just learning some of the ups and downs of the business along the way. Of course you knew that not everything was going to be perfect, but you probably didn’t think it would be that hard. You may face some challenges that may get you discouraged along the way and you don’t know how to deal with them.


Is no one reading what you’re writing?

Well, it’s been revealed that about 55% of the people who actually click on a media company’s link, only spend about 15 seconds (or less) on the page. That’s why you shouldn’t write documents that are too lengthy or people will just skim through it and go about their business.


Is no one reading what you’re sharing?

You’d think that after you’ve found a well-shared article and you share it, that people will want to take a look at it, right? Well…you’re unfortunately wrong, because it has been shown that there isn’t a relationship between how much times something is shared and how much it is read. This may even be because people just choose to share things that they haven’t even read. Maybe you should actually check out the content of the link before you share it – it may be too lengthy or maybe it lacks substance or relevance.


Are your expectations about advertising twisted?

Native advertising isn’t really the best of methods to use. Did you know that less than 25% of people who end up on a native add actually scroll down the page? That’s bad, compared to the 71% of people who take a look at the regular content. Don’t waste your time. You don’t want native ads.

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