Failing Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies are the pillar that hold your campaign up. What’s the point of having pillars if they don’t even do their job well either. Failing pillars mean that your house won’t be able to stand up. Don’t be one of the 71% of marketers who can’t seem to reach their revenue targets because they’re endorsing the wrong strategies. That’s why you need to ensure that you aren’t doing any of these things at all:


  • Not having a marketing strategy. There is a substantial amount of marketers who don’t have a clear-cut strategy for marketing their company at all. Even if they actually did, they don’t seem to be able to convey it very well.


  • Using tactics instead of strategies. This is a common mistake made by marketers. You need a systemized strategy to commit to the challenge of marketing your business, not wild here-and-there tactics that don’t do much to develop the campaign in an organized manners.


  • Using the same strategy as your competitors: You need to have uniqueness in order for your business to stand out. If you’re using the same marketing strategies as the competition, then no one will notice you at all, no matter how attractive you may be.


  • Not meeting your buyer’s needs. You need to focus on the buyers’ needs and you need to ensure that you cater to those needs. If you don’t fulfill those needs, your customers will simply move on to a company who will.



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