Fine-Tuning Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is your online digital outreach to the world. More and more time, energy and resources are being dedicated to the content marketing campaigns of the business. It is stated by B2B marketers that 76% of them intend on producing more content this year and only 2% of B2B marketers don’t aim to produce as much, with the remaining anticipating to produce the same as last year.


The amount of content that you produce isn’t remotely as important as the quality of the content produced. That’s why your content should be clear, concise, coherent or correct.


  • Clear: Make sure that your content is easy to read for the majority of the audience. The content must be clear to the audience. It must lead the reader in a specific direction and that it lays out an easy-to-follow picture from the introduction of the content. No, we’re not saying that you should make it so simple that your audience thinks that you consider them to be simpletons or to be unintelligent.


  • Concise: Stick to the point. You don’t really have to use 10 sentences to explain an idea that you can simply convey in 3 sentences. The same goes for the number or effectiveness or number of words you use as well. Also, try not to use passive constructs, intensifiers, weasel words or clichés.


  • Coherent: You need to ensure that your content remains sensible throughout the entire script. Don’t stray away from the topic at hand, because your audience will definitely notice. Try tips like breaking up your longer sentences into shorter ones so that they’re easier to follow, breaking down very large paragraphs and use headers so that your readers can skim through your work.


  • Correct: Ensure that all the aspects of your writing is correct – this includes things like grammar, usage and style. Always re-read your work or let someone else do it (a fresh pair of eyes) so that you can identify little errors that can actually have quite an impact on your content’s effectiveness.




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