Tips You Can Use To Increase Your Website User Interaction

One of the aims you should have when running a company website is to reduce the bounce rate and to attract new customers to it. You also want to focus on the way that give your customers an improved user experience, increase your website traffic and grow your business. You need to focus on the way that people really interact with the website. 


There are some ways you can get all of these things done and we want to show you those ways. Take a look as we list them below.


  • Make sure that you create content that is engaging. That’s how you’ll get people to interact with your website. By creating engaging content, like videos, out-of-the-ordinary posts, case studies, blogs and more, you increase the likelihood of acquiring new customers and decrease your bounce rate.


  • Use live chat to get new customers. You can engage new visitors and make them customers when you engage with them via chat. Don’t let them have to call you and don’t give them the run-around when they want questions answered.


  • Use CTAs or call to actions to get the attention of your visitors. You will be much more successful with relevant CTAs and you will gain email subscriptions, sales, sign-ups, etc.


  • People don’t want to suddenly have a video start playing as soon as they reach your page – turn those autoplay videos off. It can be really unpleasant when they videos automatically play at some of the most inconvenient times.


  • Add a comments section to your blog, so that your blog readers can interact with you. This will help you to better your customers’ user experience and they can have a chance to be heard when they provide an opinion/comment on their experience.


  • Survey your website visitors so that you’ll understand them better and you’ll improve your user experience.


  • You can throw a few pop ups in the mix, but don’t add too many, because they can be annoyed. These pop ups ensure that your users interact with your website by responding to the pop ups.


  • Make your website navigation easy, so that your users can find their way around it quite quickly. If your website is hard to get around, then people will not stay on it very long. You need to keep your navigation bar consistent.


  • Give them a subscription option, so that their relationship with your company doesn’t just end when your visitors come and go from your website. An ongoing relationship, via a subscription will help to strengthen the relationship between you and your customers.


  • Add social share buttons to increase your user interactions on your website. You will be increasing the likelihood of more visitors on your website when you let your current visitors take to their social circles to share your link and your content.




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