Tips to Help Increase Website Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are a big deal for online marketers. There’s no point in having a website set up and getting lots of visitors but none of those visitors end up giving you sales. One of your aims should be to ensure that the rate stays up and there are different things you can do to make it so.


Check out the following tips to help increase your website’s sales conversion rates:


  • You can do A/B testing, which is basically all about testing two different possibilities for items on your website (for instance – a photo or a title), to see which one is better to use.


  • You need to create an effective value proposition. You need to ensure that the value proposition, which is the primary reason customers should buy from you, is clear and valid.


  • A good idea is to set up a sales funnel. You should create awareness, then interest and then you will be much more likely to get sales. Learn about what the visitors want, figure out what you want and how you can give the visitors what they want as well.


  • Try to cut the long-talk. Quit trying to use fancy business language to persuade your viewers to buy from you. Instead, give them the luxury of simplicity and clarity when you’re speaking to them.


  • Always address objections. Not all your customers will agree with what you say and that’s okay. Dealing with those objections brought up by your customers may be hard, but it’s necessary as well.


  • Build trust with your customers. It’s the key to overcoming a lot of the problems that people experience when it comes to buying from a company they don’t really know.


  • Try to make buying easy for your customers. The harder the process to buy online, the less likely it is that your customers are going to buy from you.


  • Show them that your products and services are valuable. You can do this by ensuring that you provide all the necessary information about the things that you want to sell to your customers.


  • Show your customers proof to back up your claims. Some great ways to do that would be to provide them with customer testimonials, case studies, third-party reviews, social proof, scientific test/study results and more.


  • Don’t let them get distracted. Make sure that you hold your viewers’ attention. Get rid of things on your product and landing pages, that may cause them to get distracted.


  • Make a comparison with the competition. Do it before your customers do, because trust us, they will. So be prepared to back up your business, product or service, if the need be.


  • Try to make the risk as minimal as possible. Remember, that if your product, service or transaction seems too risky, there most likely won’t be a sale. Offer them guarantees to boost their confidence in you.


  •  Encourage actions by providing incentives. That way, you can give your viewers a sense of urgency, through the tones, offers and deadlines that you use.



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