How To Strengthen Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing can do so much for your company. How well you do with your email marketing campaign is dependent on the strategies you use and the features of some of those strategies as well.


We want to show you some of the ways you can strengthen you email marketing campaign and boost the amount of sales you make. Check them out.


  • Be careful with the content you use. Choose your words wisely, because words can influence the tone, effect and CTA (call to action) that your users perceive. You need to present yourself in the most respective, but assertive manner you can, in order to positively engage with your email recipients. Also, remember simple things like identifying yourself to the users and encourage them to respond to you.


  • Pay attention to the design of your CTA. It is actually one of the most important parts of your email, so it should be bold enough and strategically positioned for the reader to see. Try to use color and highlights too. Make sure that it doesn’t get hidden behind clutter.


  • Make sure that your subject lines have carefully chosen keywords that can help you with engagement rates. Don’t punctuate or use hashtags too much, as these may actually lower engagement and try to ensure that your subject headers are extremely concise.


  • Do a little research on the best time to send emails. This is very important as certain times are better for increasing the likelihood of people receiving and reading your mails. For instance, weekends are great for emailing, while Mondays to Thursday, between 4 am and 2 pm are the worst times to send emails.


  • Provide opt-in and opt-out forms. Make sure it can be easily seen and give incentives for completion. Never ask for too much information because that is very likely to deter readers. Disclose all the necessary information and show your credentials so that your users will trust you and participate.



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