Integrated Blogs vs. Separate Blogs

Blogging is a crucial part of the overall content marketing campaign of most companies. Your digital audience won’t be satisfied without it, especially if they expect interesting, relevant information from you. The question is, should your blog be a part of your website or not? Which of the two would benefit your company more?


When we talk about integrating your blog with your website, we are referring to when your blog appears as a subfolder or as a subdomain of your main website. When we talk about separating your blog from your website, we mean that your blog itself has its own website. We think that you’d probably be better off integrating your blog with your website.


Here are some of the advantages of an integrated blog:


  • Your blog (especially if it is written well), can be a way for people to connect to your company better, because it can allow for customers to relate to the more “human” side of your website.


  • A blog is something that users look forward to when they visit websites. You don’t want to disappoint them.


  • Your website will be ranked much better on search engines because of the richness of the content that your blog provides.


  • Your company will be regarded as a thought leader in terms of the industry, instead of only a service/product provider.


  • You can build/maintain a single website and establish/promote a single brand, more easily and cheaply.


  • Your website’s visitors can get much closer to making a purchase, a download or more, because they are already on your company’s website when they visit your blog.



…but if you choose differently, then here are some of the advantages of having a separated blog:


  • You will be able to post things that aren’t necessarily relevant to your company’s main offerings.


  • You will be able to promote yourself as a more objective industry expert.


  • You will be able to use a tone in your blog that may not be appropriate to your main website.


  • You will be able to promote your blog as a brand of its own.


  • You can sell the company, but keep the blog if you desire or you may be able to sell the blog but keep the company website.



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