Pop-Up Forms Can Boost Sign-Ups

Sign-ups have been responsible for some of the most successful marketing campaigns for companies. There are different ways that you can try to get persons to sign up for your services, emails and more, but putting your sign-up forms in a pop-up is actually a very effective way to do that.


Check out how you can use your pop-ups to get the most out of your sign-up forms.


  • You can increase your sign-ups by 50%: You can drastically improve your number of sign-ups when you add pop-ups to your website. The sign-up form is pretty simple and short when it is placed as a pop-up. It makes the whole experience much more easy and desirable. The pop-up just appears as a part of the page itself. The use of pop-up sign-ups has the potential effect of increasing sales to approximately 50% more. This is so, probably because of the following things:


-          There are less distractions around the sign-up form. The rest of the page behind the pop-up is faded or is darkened.


-          There are only two fields required, which are the username and the password.


-          The page does not have to be reloaded for the sign-up to pop up and it doesn’t have to be a separate page either. This has a certain psychologically persuading effect on the visitors.



Here are some more ways you can get sign-ups from your audience:

  • You can put them on your homepage. First of all, your aim should be to get the most out of your sign-up pages – you need as many visitors as you can. Then, you will be able to get much more positive feedback. Your homepage gets a lot of visitors, but unfortunately, many of them tend to just move away from it and go to a different site or look at a few of the other pages on your website. The aim of placing the pop-up for the sign-up form on your homepage is to hold the user’s attention by giving them an opportunity to sign up for your services.


  • You can change the “Watch Video” button to the “Start Now” Button: This is a great way to optimize your opportunity. In a sense, it is your initiative that gives your customer a sense of urgency when it comes to getting on the train and signing up for a service.



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