The Characteristics Of Great Content

You may think that you have great content, but yet your blog isn’t receiving much attention…from anyone…at all. Don’t you want to improve that? You can make your content better; better able to bring traffic to your website and to your company. All you have to do is figure out the things that make a great blog.


The characteristics of a great blog aren’t written in stone, but we’re still going to offer you some general guidelines that describe them. Read and see.


  • Findable: Your intended audience should be able to find your content. That’s where good SEO comes in. People should be able to find your content from inside the site and from outside of it as well.


  • Shareable: Your content should make people wat to share it and it should also be easy to share. That’s why you should focus on ensuring that the content you have is very good, you can frame it and you have tools on social media that make it easier to share.


  • Usable: This means that great content should be easy for people to make use of. Make sure that it’s interactive and that it shows your content some kind of action that you want people to take.


  • Readable: Content should have a good design and good writing as well. Focus on things that make your content “easy on the eyes”, such as font size, text and background color, column width and leading. Try using lists, scannable chunks and write with clarity/concision.


  • Memorable: Make sure that when people read it, they remember it as well. You want to give your readers something that they can definitely keep replaying in their minds.


  • Quotable: Make your content more memorable and more sharable as well. To write better, more quotable content, you should read more, work on your concision, avoid clichés, be funny and tell readers what to quote.


  • Actionable: You need to have people consider you as the authority figure. Make your content helpful and let it give readers so much confidence that they’ll be quick to act on it.


  •  Reportable: You need to ensure that your content is reportable so that you can meet the goals of your business, which include traffic, engagement and conversions.


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