Tips For Building An Awesome Homepage

Your website needs a homepage to welcome your visitors to your company and you need to make sure that welcome is as impressive as possible. You don’t ever want to have a homepage that turn your visitors off and causes them to go searching for another company to buy from. You need to ensure that you’re on point with the elements that you are including in your homepage. We’ll show you what we’re really talking about.


  • For the layout, you need to ensure that it is kept clean and simple. Don’t clutter it with things like unnecessary information or images, or else it will look very unprofessional. Place your images and information above the fold, so that your visitors won’t have trouble seeing them.


  • For the images, you need to remember that they represent what you and your website entail. You should use high-resolution photos, so that your visitors will be impressed and be encouraged to explore the other pages on the site. It shows professionalism. However, you don’t have to add all the great image that you find. Just use a few high-quality images and your homepage will be fine.


  • For the backgrounds and colours, you need to remember that they set the tone for your homepage and they will most likely be the same for all of the other pages on your website. That’s why you need to ensure that you choose well. Don’t overdo the use of colors though, because they may just be a horrible clash with the background and cause visitors to close their eyes and turn their heads when they get to your homepage.


  • For the buttons, you need to make them as attractive as you can. Tempt your visitors to click! click! click! when you present to them your CTA buttons. Don’t caption them excessively – just keep the call to action simple and maybe even under 4 words.


  • For the text, you have to make sure that it’s a good foundation for your homepage. You want your visitors to get the essence of what you’re talking about Don’t get carried away in your description or biography, because that will just cause visitors to leave. Keep the rest of your text current and fresh and make sure that the rest of your website has reliable, dependable information.




Follow these tips and fit them into your website – see how they can improve the effectiveness of your website.


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