Easy Ways To Better Your Web Design

Your business website says a lot about your company. Your website design has quite a lot to do with that. One of the main goals of having a website is to get people to linger on it, explore what your company is offering and purchase something from it.


If your website design isn’t that impressive, your visitors may be tempted to click away, just as quickly as they click on. We’re going to show you how to avoid letting that happen, with these tips. Hope they help.


  • Make sure that the logo you have on your website looks polished and professional. It the face of your brand and your company, so it needs to look good in order to represent them.


  • Try to ensure that the navigation layouts you use on your website is intuitive; it is easier for visitors to follow. Use primary navigation options, which include a horizontal menu bar at the top of the website. Use secondary navigation as well, so that you have options beneath the primary navigation bar as well.


  • Don’t accumulate any clutter on your website, by having too many options, images and items available in one place.


  • Put spaces between various items on your website. There should be space between the images, paragraphs and other things – that makes it much easier for users to absorb the information they’re seeing.


  • Ensure that you use colors wisely. Different colors can signify different things to the human mind, so keep that in your thoughts when you’re designing or modifying your website.


  • The photographer that you get to take pictures for your website, should be a professional one. Ensure that what you post is good quality and isn’t anything generic.


  • Make sure that the fonts that you use on your website are easy to read, no matter the device or browser your visitors will be using.


  • Make every page a landing page, so that your website design automatically gives your users the information they need, no matter what page they view.


  • Position your CTA and your contact information (phone number/email address) in the top region of your website.


  • The design of your website should be a responsive one. That way, the site can automatically adapt to the way it is being viewed – this improves the user experience.


  • Try to make sure that you use Internet standards that are actually going to work and be more Web and user friendly.


  • Always include good-looking buttons at the bottom of your Web forms. Many websites have pretty ugly buttons in those places and they don’t encourage folks to want to click on them. The prettier they are, the better.


  • See if your new website design works. Alter it, test it, re-test it and see which version of your website works the best for you.   



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