Possible Reasons For A Drop In Your Website Traffic

There are times when your online web traffic is going to be at an all-time high, while there are other times when that’s completely the opposite case. Every business person would greatly appreciate an upward climb of their website traffic, no matter how slowly or unsteady it is.


You never want to move from a good, ascending web traffic flow and find your business spiralling downward. It’s like a nightmare! The trick is to not panic and rush to any impulsive decisions. There are possible reasons you can consider that may explain your web traffic decline. Check them out.


First, you need to determine the size of the loss in traffic rate. In some cases, it may not be that serious – it may only be for a particular day and then it will continue along it’s merry upwards climb. It may even be because of a holiday, or something of that nature, that you probably neglected. Other times, it may be a deeper issue, connected to something more serious. If that’s the case, there should be some more concern and some effort towards diagnosing the cause of the issue.


To determine the cause of these traffic losses, you should consider these possible options:

  • There may be technical issues, including things like your site, critical DNS server or relay being down for some reason. There may also be faults in your analytics code or even rogue hacking.


  • There may be a Google penalty. This may cause you to have to diagnose your Google penalty, by checking out sites like Moz.com, to ensure that you didn’t miss out on an update that you were supposed to get.


  • There may be an artificial penalty, which occurs when a competitor buys too many spam links and then sends them your way. This is called a Negative SEO attack and it results in Google giving your site a penalty.


  • There may be a change in content format, that your audience may not really appreciate very much. It may actually cause them to lose trust in you or devalue your site, thus the sudden drop in traffic.



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