Serious Mistakes That Web Designers Often Make

There are some common mistakes that are made in web design, that are sometimes overlooked, but actually have quite a serious effect on the success of business websites. There are definitely some things you should remember not to do as it pertains to the design of your website.


Pay attention and don’t make these mistakes as it relates to your website design. You’ll see the difference it will make.


  • ·         If you disable the ‘back’ button, you’ll end up just getting your visitors annoyed and they will leave your site and not return. Many web designers disable the back button so that the visitors cannot back out of a location that they don’t want to be on. That’s not a good idea, so don’t do it if you ever want your visitors to trust you and return to your site.
  • ·          If you automatically open new windows for your users to view your site content. It is pretty annoying to customers, because they may find that their computer begins to respond slower and their systems resources become tied up. A better idea is to use tabbed browsing.
  • ·          If you fail to put an easily identifiable phone number and address, because your viewers want to be able to have different methods of getting in contact with you. A good idea would be to add a “Contact Us” link that leads the information they want.
  • ·         If you have broken or bad links in your website, then you need to fix that immediately. Links that don’t do anything or lead to an error page, are very much despised by your website’s visitors. Make sure that you test your website regularly so that you can find those errors and resolve them.
  • ·         If you have slow server times, they are likely to drive visitors away. Most visitors are only going to stick around for a few seconds, waiting for a page to load. If it doesn’t, then they will likely click away from your site.  
  • ·         If your information is outdated, that’s a bad look for your website. Keep it updated and that way you’ll be able to keep your credibility and your audience as well. Fix your errors as soon as you find them as well.
  • ·         If you have poor navigation, this will result in frustration and confusion for your visitors. There should be a navigation bar at the top of every page that your visitors end up on, for their ease and convenience.
  • ·         If you integrated a lot of styles and colors, your website will look inconsistent and helter skelter. That’s very unprofessional and your audience usually assumes that your website probably isn’t legitimate.
  • ·         If you have orphan pages on your website, thenyou need to fix that immediately. You need to have a readily seen link back to your home page. This will enable viewers to easily forward your page’s URL to others.
  • ·         If you are failing to link your website with your social network sites, then you are missing out on quite a lot of traffic. People should be able to link onto your social network sites, straight from your main website, with ease. You can market your business effectively and effortlessly when this is possible.


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