Social Media and Content Marketing Myths

You need social media and content marketing to successfully boost your business’s marketing campaign online. However, there may actually be things that you’re doing, not doing or maybe just some things you believe, that are preventing you from being successful in your social media and content marketing campaigns. These are myths and you should no longer let them limit you in going forward with your business. Read about some of them below.


  • “My customers are not social”: This is a myth because studies have shown that the majority of adults are online and making use of social networking sites. Even if they aren’t using it to do business, they are using it.


  • “Social is not measurable”: This is a myth because you definitely can measure social You can do things that are measurable like track URLs or unified customer databases.


  • “Social is for creating new customers”: This is a myth because there are quite a lot of people that yoou are interacting with in social, who are already your customers.


  • “You should ignore negative feedback”: This is a myth. Of course, you don’t want to upset your customer even more, nor can you instantly make them happy, but your customers always appreciate it when you reply to their comment as quickly as possible.


  • “Social will kill email”: This is a myth because you actually need to have an email to sign up for a social network, no matter which one you choose to join. That makes them complementary online marketing tactics instead of competitors.


  • “Company channels are your most important social assets”: This is a myth because if you total the social connections your employees use, they are usually more than the connections that your company uses. You should keep in mind that social success isn’t about your logo, it’s about people.


  • “Content creates thought leadership”: This is a myth because it is advised that companies have content that is high-effort and polished, as well as content that is low-effort and less polished.


  • “Content marketing and social media are separate initiatives”: This is a myth because eht two go hand-in-hand. They work together to boost each other.


  • “Your content marketing should be about your products and services”: This is a myth because your content needs to have some sort of intrinsic value, or else it won’t appeal to people. They won’t want it.


  • “Too much content will give away your secrets”: This is a myth because the fact that someone knows a lot about your business, doesn’t mean that they can take that information and make it successfully work for them.


  • “The rules are different in B2B”: This is a myth because although the purchase funnel and some tactics of the B2B are different, the content and social tactics remain the same, despite what’s being sold.




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