Why You Should Use Infographics in Your Online Marketing Content

With infographics, you get a combination of various content styles. There is a mixture of writing, design and analysis, all compiled in a very compact and compelling representation. It’s pretty much just text, images and statistics summarized in an image.


So why are infographics so very important to online marketers? Well, there are a number of reasons, with these included:


  • Infographics are eye-catching and captivating: They give people just what they want, which are facts, figures and statistics, in the form that they prefer (graphics and images).


  • Infographics are easy to scan through: The eyes and brain find it much easier to process infographics, as opposed to long paragraphs of content.


  • Infographics have viral success: They are really easy to share on social networks, so they spread across the internet much more quickly.


  • Infographics are portable/embeddable: You can actually get an embed code in your infographic so that visitors are led directly to your website.


  • Infographics offer worldwide coverage: Infographics are actually much better for getting your content to travel worldwide, as compared to regular print media.


  • Infographics increase traffic: Your website will experience much more traffic when your infographics are linked and attractive to viewers.


  • Infographics increase brand awareness: This is especially the case when you embed your brand and logo on your infographics.


  • Infographics are beneficial to SEO: Since infographics are so virally effective, they are more likely to be indexed higher by Google, because of their ‘Page Algorithm’.


  • Infographics can illustrate your expertise on a topic: Viewers will consider you as an authority figure or expert in the field and they’ll be much more likely to look to you as their source of knowledge.



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